• Basics

    The Men's Prayer and Witness Fellowship is a small committee of faithful Catholics who strive to advance the faith of men and their families through shared prayer and common witness to the love of Jesus Christ. Originally formed in 2000, the Fellowship has been reconstituted to serve the ongoing need of men in our diocese.

  • Men's Breakfasts

    Through the generosity of our volunteers, guest speakers, and local men's groups, we are able to sponsor Men's Breakfasts at various parishes through the Diocese of Rochester. We help advertise, recruit a local speaker, and provide setup and cleanup on the day of the breakfast.

    Our breakfasts typically start with a Mass celebrated at a local parish, followed by a meal, and the testimony of a local man about the love of Christ and the impact of the Catholic faith.

    All proceeds are donated to the hosting parish, or when necessary, go towards defraying the cost of the meal.